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The Positive Impact of Running on Mental...

Sunday, 10th Oct 21

Setting up for Success: 5 Tips for Runni...

Monday, 19th Jul 21

From a pump-up playlist to running with a friend, we’ve got our top 5 tips for #running a 5K!

See Dallas in a New Way on the 5x5K FOR ...

Wednesday, 5th May 21

The 5x5K FOR GOOD is coming to Dallas for the first time, and we want to take you on an amazing tour of the city. Each 5K course gives you a glimpse into a new area. With 24 hours to walk or run each of these beautiful courses, which will you pick first?

Incorporating the 5x5K into Your Overall...

Friday, 23rd Apr 21

Whether you’re a newbie to running or an old pro, the 5x5K FOR GOOD can be an important part of your running journey. Your level of experience and fitness will determine whether the 5x5K will serve as the pinnacle of your 2021 goals or the first stepping-stone toward an even bigger challenge. Charge Running, the app for the 5x5K FOR GOOD Live Virtual Race option, has a great blog with all kinds of tips.

Top Ten Fundraising Tips

Tuesday, 6th Apr 21

Whether you’re new to fundraising or just need a refresher, we have 10 tried-and-true fundraising tips to help you meet your goals and maximize your impact.

Introduce Night Running Into Your Traini...

Wednesday, 24th Mar 21

If you’re training for a 24-hour running event like the 5x5K FOR GOOD, you’ll want to work some nighttime (or early morning) running into your routine, so you feel comfortable and safe hitting the road under the glow of the street lights. Here’s how to keep it safe (and fun!).

Tips for Running in the COVID-19 Era

Wednesday, 17th Mar 21

In times like these, when we’re spending more time at home than ever before, it’s important to get outside — safely — as much as we can. We are all eager to get back to our usual exercise routines, and with gyms still closed in many states, running outdoors has become the best way to get that endorphin rush that boosts physical and mental health. Here are some tips to enjoy running safely in the era of COVID-19

How to Run Five 5Ks in 24 Hours

Thursday, 24th Sep 20

While 25K sounds like a lot, it’s totally manageable (and it’s completely OK if you don’t manage it — you can still wear your race medal proudly, however many 5Ks you finish). And, if you’re not sure five 5K’s in 24 hours is your challenge, don’t worry we have some options for you, too.