Top Ten Fundraising Tips

06 Apr 2021

Whether you’re new to fundraising or just need a refresher, we have 10 tried-and-true fundraising tips to help you meet your goals and maximize your impact.

  • Commit to starting today—don’t wait. Take action today so you can build momentum. Getting that first donation right away helps make it easier to keep going!
  • Personalize your fundraising page. Your story is what sets your request apart from others that your donors may be receiving. Pull at their heart strings. Connect to the mission. Talk about why this is important to you.
  • Set a bold goal. Donors are likely to donate more if you set a bold and aggressive goal! If you hit your (initial) goal, increase it! If a potential donor goes to your fundraising page and sees you’ve hit your goal, chances are they may opt out of donating or make a smaller donation. Don’t leave money on the table!
  • Ask for a specific amount. Make it easy for your donors by giving them a suggested amount to donate. “I’m asking 50 people to donate $50 today to help me reach my goal of raising $2,500 by May 14th.”
  • Include a deadline in your ask. People are busy. Tell them when you need them to make their donation by, so they don’t miss the deadline. But you will have to remind them (more on that later).
  • Email everyone you know—and I mean everyone! Fundraising is a numbers game. The more people you ask, the more money you will raise. Look through your friends list on your social media accounts. Scroll through the contacts in your phone and in your email account. Ask everyone! Yes, even your dentist!
  • Don’t assume—let your donors decide where they want to spend their money! It’s easy to think of all the reasons why people may not be able to donate. But don’t do that. Let your donors make the decision.
  • Use social media strategically—it shouldn’t be the only way you fundraise. We’ve all heard about the wonky algorithms and how hit or miss it is to see all the important things on social media. It’s a busy place competing for a lot of attention in a space where people scroll and move on quickly. Social media should be one way you fundraise, but it shouldn’t be the only One of the best ways to use social media is to acknowledge and thank your donors and share your progress to your goal.
  • Follow-up at least twice—including the day before your deadline! As we mentioned before, people are They will need to be reminded—more than once! In the world of fundraising, we like to say “A no isn’t a no until you’ve been told no.” Until then, keep asking! People really like a deadline and many of us procrastinate thinking we have more time. Your reminder is a helpful act. You will be surprised how many donations you get with your last ask the day before your event!
  • Send immediate thank you’s via email and acknowledge on social media, too! You never want a donor to have to ask you if you got their donation. Send a thank you shortly after receiving a donation. And then send another (group) thank you post-event to tell your donors all about your experience. If your donation wasn’t made anonymously, thank your donors on social media too. It’s a great way to pick up additional donors who see your activity on Facebook.